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FRIGEO® (lat. „beeing cold“) is a brand, which is specialized in stainless steel cooling solutions for professional kitchens and bars. As a reliable partner for the european cooling and catering equipment trade FRIGEO® is already well established in many countries of the EU.

FRIGEO Series in the Overview


FRIGEO® is a synonym for reasonable but first quality equipment. Since the brand has been integrated in the sales and service network of the IME group in 2006 a continuous growing and good service can be granted for the future.

FRIGEO® quality equipment is normally availabe anytime from stock. In Austria and Germany normally franco domizil. Deliveries only to the usual FRIGEO® terms.

MAGIC 9000

The space saving series with 90 cm length. Salad counters, vitrines, pizza, cooling counters, etc. 

MAGIC 9000 »



Pizza and sandwich counters with granite working plate and extra cooling top.                                                                   




Ice cube makers in best quality, maintenance free, air or water cooled. 


MAGIC 14000

The „bigger“ series with cooling machine in the socket, 136,5 cm length. lengSalad counters, vitrines, pizza, cooling counters, etc.

MAGIC 14000 »



Cold display, hot and cold vitrines and other presentation units.                                                           




Cold and freezing rooms complete with cooling unit. 



Cooling and freezing counters with 2, 3 or 4 doors or every drawer or worktop combination you want.




Cooling and freezing cabinets 700 – 1400 litres. Single or double doors, glass doors and other variations.