about IME Clean

A bit of the company’s history

The brand IME was founded in 1950 and started with the development of ovens, which were soon exported in many countries worldwide. At the beginning of the sixties, not only tourism started in Austria but also the demand for quick and effi cient glass washers and dish washers. Originally the machines with the round basket were the only reliable machines for a very long time. However, IME was one of the fi rst companies which introduced the fi rst professional dish washing machines with standard basket in the end of the eighties. Nowadays IME and its protected brand IME CLEAN® is one of the leading specialists. They not only off er dishwashers but also a wide range of accessories and cleaning products. In the German-speaking countries it is distributed by specialised dealers, in other countries it is exported to chosen importers.


The aim of IME CLEAN® is professional and effi cient cleanliness and hygiene. We would like to off er you clean and proper washing results. This doesn’t mean only sale and quick delivery, but that we want to off er you competent solutions to problems and to questions too. 2 I