Granule washing machine TOP 9000

Granule washing machine TOP 9000

GRANULATOR TOP 9000 has got 10 cleaning programs- 5 work with and 5 without granule. They can be adjusted individually. This makes it a universal dishwasher. Attention! The machine usually has got a warm water connection. There should be an additional heating, which is available as an option (€ 475,oo), for a cold water connection. Options: dispenser pump for detergent, which automatically knows how much detergent it has to use (saves a lot of money).

including accessories:
1 universal basket
1 stand for 10 GN 1/1 trays
1 stand for 4 pcs. Euronorm
1 stand for pots
1 basket for spatulas
1 stand for frying pans and small pots
1 stand for big pots

Used for:
All dirty and encrusted pans, pots, trays. Without granule mode, it can also be used for delicate plastic trays or bowls, etc.

How does it work?
The dishes in the round basket are moved by rotation in the machine and highpressure streams with granules remove the dirt easily. Granule: after the wash the granule gathers in the granule sieve (with filling control) and there it ready for the next wash. There is no need to change the granule, you
only have to add some if it is almost empty. You can also wash without granule, because there are 5 standard programs.

Das lebensmittelechte Kunststoffgranulat wird fast verschleißfrei nach dem Spülbetrieb im Granulatsammelsieb (mit eingeprägter Füllstandskontrolle) gesammelt und für die weiteren Spülgänge bereitgehalten. Das Granulat braucht nicht gewechselt zu werden, sondern lediglich falls Mindestbestand unterschritten ist ergänzt zu werden. Es können auch jederzeit Spülgänge ohne Granulateinsatz (5 Standardprogramme) durchgeführt werden.

The machine needs about 3 to 5 grams per wash. This means that you need about 2 buckets of granule per year.

We recommend:
Washing liquid
EASY CLEAN EC 320, Art. 16005.95.40 and drier EASY CLEAN EC 308 GT, Art. 16005.95.60.

ordernumber: 6700

price: 28.600,00 € excl. VAT

34.320,00 € incl. 20 % VAT

technical details

basket size: ø 73 cm
interior height: 65 cm
wdh: 1100 x 908 x 1900 (2250) mm
10 electronic washing programms
water capacity: 5 Liter
wash cycle: 4-12 min
power: 12,5 kW / 400 V 3N, 50 Hz