MAGIC 14000

MAGIC 14000


The „big brother“ of the successful MAGIC 9000 series offers more space inside and a larger working top with its 3 doors compared with similar cooling counters. The aggregate is integrated into the socket and therefore the whole width can be used for cooling purposes.

Of course this series features all FRIGEO® quality standards too. Casing is made from high quality chromed-nickel steel CrNi 18/10. Evaporator is foamed into back and sidewalls. Advantage: long lasting and maintainance-free. Moulded door-handle from stainless steel ensures hygienic and easy use at highest safety level. Electronic control with reference and actual temperature indication. All important parameters are easy to meter and to change. Maximum convenience and maximum level of safety. „Electronic control“ Interior with round corners for highest hygienic level and compliance with HACCP standards. FRIGEO® quality does also include clamp-in gaskets, CFC-free foaming, automatic defrosting. It is in ready to plug-in design and features much more details.


Offers enormous capacity (4xGN1/1) and large cooling space with 3 doors.


The optimum solution for big buffets. Hygienic and safe in state-of-the art design.

MAGIC PPC 14000 Eco

The practical pizza preparing counter with cutout for up to 8 GN 1/6 containers.

MAGIC PPC 14000 Lux

The ideal solution for work places which are directed towards customers – a real pizza profi!


For preparation of antipasti, sandwiches, salads and much more.


A cooling counter is changed easily into a pizza counter, even later on – simply magic!


Possible variations of GN containers.

Possible variations of GN containe

Working top with splash back