VISION Hot and Cold Display Cases


Curved panorama glass front, easy to clean due to hinged, detachable front glass, all models come with detachable grids, ready to plug in, detachable GN inserts included (only with VH), display made from high-quality safety glass big flap-door for easy access to interior space, optimum hot air and humidity system, alternative cool ventilation ensures that the glass does not steam-up and that temperature is distributed evenly, perfect presentation of food by optimum interior light, tainless steel casing, even heat from top to bottom due to quartz rods with double function of heat and light, large condensation tray for longer storage time of food accessories: comfortable chopping board, one piece design of hot and cold displays which can be put next to each other.

FRIGEO® hot displays are not only known for their perfect presentation of food but also for their superb qualities in warm keeping. Quartz rods on the top ensure optimum illumination and even heat distribution from top to bottom. The special ventilation-humidifier system with large condensation tray safeguards even heat distribution and optimum humidity level out the disturbing steaming-up effect on glass.

Vision Hot 1

Optimum model if you would like to place several models next to each other.

Vision Hot 2

The most popular size. Snacks, meat and vegetables are hygienically presented.

Vision Hot 3

Sufficient space for food and preparation ingredients.

Vision Hot 4

This huge model is suitable for all surroundings where large space is the key-issue.

Vision Hot 1B

The optimum model to present a lot in confined space.

Vision Hot 2H

The optimum model in GN 2/1 size.

Vision Hot 3H

It is the optimum model for snack bars, butchers or self-service buffets.

Vision Cold 1

Cooling also in small dimensions. Cold snacks and beverages in one display.

Vision Cold 2

The most popular size is suitable for salads, drinks and much more.

Vision Cold 3

Suitable for all surroundings where a lot of food, cold dishes or drinks have to be presented and kept cool at the same time.

Vision Cold 4

Endless space for food and beverages. The best salesman you ever had! Fresh and tasty presentation on two decks.

Vision Cold 2H

The optimum model in GN 2/1 size which features 50 % more storage space due to an additional shelf on top.

Vision Cold 3H

The big model in GN 3/1 size which features 50 % more storage space due to an additional shelf on top.

Vision Cold ICE

For 4 ice cream flavors.

Cold Displays

Space-saving and handy table-top cold displays are easy to use wherever needed.