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Pleased customer – successful host – contented supplier.
They provide quality and get success in return. In fact, we should be acting upon this maxim. The job would then be twice as much fun!

Our ovens for the perfect pizza

The TOP Line


The best to have ever been developed in pizza technology. Perfect baking results, energy-saving and interference- free performance for decades. 20 years ago IME caused a worldwide sensation with the self-developed „VS“ full chamotte technique and the unmatched integrated heating technology „Infra Stone“. Regardless of what you are baking, your Excelsior Pizza Oven will excel all your expectations.

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The classic oven


Unlike the top series „Excelsior“ this series is only equipped with the IME Heating Technology on the bottom. The top heat is generated by an exposed tubular heating element. Thanks to this heating is induced considerably faster. At the same time an even distribution of heat is ensured and sorted from above by an additional chamotte plate attached above the tubular heating element.

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