About IME®

IME® - a brand‘s story of success

For more than half a century the brand IME has been standing for ovens and gastronomic technology of highest perfection. In 1950 when the IME brand was founded, nobody knew that one day their ovens would be sold all across the world. During the following years the quest for constant improvement and innovative creation has been rewarded with constantly increasing sales fi gures. The major highlights were the assignation of the fi rst patent for ovens in 1957 and the bestowal of the Austrian National Coat of Arms as a special award for the success in the exporting business in 1975. In 1981, the 40.000ths oven was produced. With the invention of the IME heating system and full chamotte technology In 1985 IME became the role model for the entire industry. After the company’s founder, Ing. H. Machata, resigned in 1995, his successful philosophy was carried on by the IME® international IME® - a brand‘s story of success Mazsits family, who has already been engaged with the IME for years.

The repurchase of the trademark rights for Germany and the acquisition of the long-term rival TURBO® in 2000, have set the foundation for a further expansion of the group of companies. In 2006, IME incorporated the brand FRIGEO® as the European specialist in cooling systems into the group of companies. The founder of the IME brand, Helmut Machata, passes away the same year at the age of 80. Today, the IME GmbH with its multiple locations sells more than 2000 ovens per year in almost 30 diff erent countries worldwide and is continuously amplifying its expertise as the European oven specialist and large kitchen setter. Constant development and continued growth will guarantee the company’s signifi cant role in the competitive market. Executive