induction hobs

induction hobs

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How induction works...

The induction coil located below the glass ceramic cooking zone generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field entails eddy currents in the pan bottom which heat the pan, whereas the cooking zone itself remains practically cold. As soon as the pan is removed from the electric cooker, the energy flow is stopped. What kind of kitchenware is suitable for inductive cooking? Basically any kitchenware showing a magnetizable bottom. This includes cast-iron frying pans and enamel ware as well as stainless steel ware with a sandwiched bottom. Do you need a special training for inductive cooking? The answer is no. The food may be prepared and cooked as usual. The only thing one needs to get used to is the short starting period and the fast reaction to any adjustment.


  • no pre-heating, heat is produced directly in the pan
  • Energy saving thanks to shorter heating time, no loss of heat
  • Energy is used only at the bottom of the pan, even with small pans on large stoves
  • Higher safety and hygiene – no overcooking; cleaning is possible during cooking
  • Faster and more efficient cooking times - up to 50 % less
  • Lower room temperature, as no heat is transmitted from the stove to the air

induction hobs IDF 418

induction hobs dimension: 400 x 600 x 140 mm

induction hobs IDF 818

induction hobs dimension: 800 x 600 x 140 mm